27 February 2010 @ 05:56 pm
Title: Enchanted Princess
Fandom: True Blood
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sophie-Anne/Hadley
Summary: Hadley hopes, Hadley dreams.
Word count: 297
Warnings: none.
A/N: Thanks to my beta VampLover1 (at FF.Net)

Enchanted Princess

Hadley once dreamt of her enchanted prince, the one all girls talk about when they reach a certain age. Then, as she grew up, the prince became a princess; her friends stopped talking to Hadley, and Hadley stopped talking to them. She actually stopped talking to everybody, to everyone in her world, and isolated herself for good. She simply felt she didn’t belong there anymore.

So she left.

Many years later, when she saw Sophie-Anne for the first time, Hadley thought she had found her enchanted princess at last. The vampire’s features were so perfect and yet so soft, and every thing she did drove Hadley so mad that she thought she wasn’t going to last long at the mansion. Once someone realized her feelings for the Queen, Hadley feared she would be kicked out.

However, she survived and did it in a truly remarkable way. She quickly became the Queen’s favorite, the first choice for everything Her Majesty needed. In one of their many nights together, Hadley thought she perceived a bit of affection in Sophie’s treatment; though some seconds later she was sure she’d only imagined it, for the Queen began treating her like she did everyone else: as a simple human, a member of her court. And Hadley smiled, a weak smile of disappointment but also of hope. From then on, she decided she’d pretend Sophie-Anne really loved her, truly cared for her beyond the passion they shared; maybe it was the only way to survive that place.

But was it just Hadley’s wish? Or was there truth behind her imagination? At least she wanted to believe it; she wanted to believe with all her heart that behind Sophie’s aloof manners there was someone like Hadley, someone who once dreamt of an enchanted princess.
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